4 Explosive Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Orgasm

Having a healthy sex life is an important part to a healthy relationship. When both parties are truly enjoying themselves, it’s quite easy to develop a very sexual bond between the two of you. But when a guy has trouble making his girlfriend orgasm, it can have a devastating impact on his relationship.

So if you find yourself having difficulty in this area and secretly wonder how to make your girlfriend orgasm, then this article is for you!

As you read on, I’ll reveal four simple techniques that’ll give your girlfriend powerful orgasms.

Step 1- Train yourself to go longer

Making your girlfriend orgasm starts with how you *treat yourself* before the actual encounter. We all know that guys masturbate (probably more frequently then we’d like to admit), so if you feel the urge to masturbate, don’t fight it. In fact, giving in to these urges will probably help your next session.

When you feel the urge to *take care of business*, make sure you have a lengthy session. If you do this often, you’ll train yourself to go for a long time before climaxing.

Step 2- Make her feel like the most important person in the world

If you want to make your girlfriend orgasm, you have to get into the habit of letting her know how much she means to you. When your next sexual session begins, tell her how much you’re attracted to her and what you love about her. If you say these statements with a strong level of confidence, she’ll love it and start to be really turned on!

By taking the time to set up your sexual encounter, you’ll discover it’s pretty easy to turn her on simply by using the power of your voice.

Step 3- Take your time and give her foreplay

Another explosive way to make your girlfriend orgasm is to make sure you give her enough foreplay. Keep talking to her in a commanding voice and let her know that you’re in control. After you do this, start kissing her all over and exploring her body.

You can heighten her emotional state by taking time in areas that are often ignored. Also the longer you delay the *main act*, the more worked up she’ll get.

Step 4- Commence with the main event

While doing foreplay, you should ease into having sex with her. This is where it’s important to take your time. What you should do is tease her and make her want it real bad. In addition, try altering your speeds between fast and slow. If you do your job right, she’ll start going crazy, maybe even orgasm!

One final thing… All women are different with the ways they achieve orgasm. So when you’re having sex, try to listen to her breathing and reactions. If she seems really into something continue with that act and see where it goes.

Bottom line if you want to make your girlfriend orgasm, follow these four steps, If you make sure her needs come first, you’ll discover that it’s quite easy for her to climax.
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