Fight Back Against Impotency Re-Learn The Art of Making Love.

Making Love is truly an Art we each deserve to enjoy and know.

A special message to men, if you are truly interested in learning the art of Making Love, this can be a really good time for you to find a good book on the subject, a ‘feeling and sensual friend’ relax with some real meditation tapes or a CD and practice the art of listening and feeling.

The lessons to be learned in the proper Art of Love Making are more than worth while.

If you are experiencing Impotency because of Depression or Anxiety associated feelings, worrying about it is only going to increase you fears.

Please consult your Natural Therapist, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Sex Therapist, family Doctor.

Take a massage and relax.

I really recommend you should encourage yourself to (yep) relax – meditate – look after your health – maintain good nutrition – read some books – listen to music – talk to friends – seek council with a caring woman and ask for her views on what a woman wants when making love.

Learn the alternative pleasures and encourage your partner to take the lead.

Making love is fun, enjoy the fun. Allow your partner to explore and find new areas on your body that send goose bumps dancing across your flesh

Give pleasure in Making Love – and that pleasure will flow back to you many times over, and over, and over.

Making love is not about having sex. fortunately there is far more to the Art of Love Making than just having sex.

Learn the lessons now and you will find the good life does go on forever.

Research has shown that couples who regularly enjoy the pleasures of their true Love Making energies live longer than people who do not. (Married couples just feel they live longer).

I am 58 years old and single. A few years ago I went from being a typical horny, randy and virile male, enjoying the good times in life, and not knowing any better, to becoming totally overwhelmed by impotency.

My fight with Depression, Anxiety and Panic destroyed every intimate feeling in my soul. Sexual Dysfunction and I became very close acquaintances.

Oh-damn my life was destroyed!!!!!!

Depression and anxiety had swept into my life and destroyed all my desires for life’s pleasures.

There was nothing I could do to feel good within myself, suddenly my pulsating erections had become a moment in my memory.

The thought of making love again did not exist.

I was driven to utter despair.

I put myself through hell worrying about all my problems in my life.

My life was going nowhere. I needed to fight back and regain my feelings for sensual pleasure.

Then, slowly with coaching and guidance from some caring professional helpers and various forms of self help programmes including – meditation – exercise – nutrition – communication, I slowly learnt a fresh understanding of what had been happening to me, I started working through my depression and I started sorting out my anxiety attacks.

I felt my panic moments becoming less frequent and my life started to come back on track.

Slowly my sexual dysfunction also became less of a ‘problem’.

During my exposure to my impotency I was extremely fortunate to experience the influence of a beautiful, sensual women and with great patience she taught me the rewards of several important lessons for the truer pleasures of making love and the Art of Love Making.

Now WOW when it happens, my pleasures of life’s sensual moments are worth the agony I went through to learn them.

Life is now better than ever. Wow ;o)

I am now ready for a fantastic love affair.

If you encourage the negative force of your mind to grow, it will, and it will destroy you.

Build your inner strength and build your mind’s good energy and you will achieve everything that is true to you.

Stop being a bloke and start developing your skills in the art of making love.

Okay go back to ‘school’ and relearn the three Rs.

Relax – ReCreate – Respond. Start making love and enjoy life’s pleasures again.

If you are serious and really do want to grow and become the ‘lover’ of your fantasies, learn the art of making love.

Be the man your partner wants to be with.

Stop being the insecure ‘bloke’ and open up to your true feelings.

There is no secrete formula, no secrete path, no out of body experience. Actually that may not be quite right; the secrets could be to learn to listen – respect – feel and respond and maybe your out of body experience will build from deep within yourself.

It is all true good pleasure. You want, your partner wants, you both want.

The more you give in making love, the more pleasures will flow to you.

Give to your partner, share everything you enjoy, show that you care, nurture your touch, feel the feelings as they start to flow.

Do not do it for yourself and do not expect anything in return. If you do it proves you have not learnt a damn thing.

Go back to school – with your partner – and start again.

If you are lucky your teacher will keep both of you back after class so you can learn a little more. LOL

This time as a mature age student and play school games with your partner……oh – mumma… yes please.

Give to your partner and enjoy your inner arousal. You will never experience anything more exciting or fulfilling to your soul.

If by any chance there is a woman reading this page, please try something different. Stop waiting for him to stimulate you, roll over and have some fun with your man, entice him. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

This is a two way development.

Ladies, take charge and take action.

Have your way with him, I dare you. But be warned you may enjoy the

charge from the change.

Just enjoy and allow the moment to be………………….

come what may……


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